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Do the Right Thing

Every aspect of our work is governed by a core set of values that serve as guidelines for each and every decision we make - no matter how large or small.



Our original Core Value – the one the company was founded on. We represent the client (company) and disclose all information regarding our research and findings about each candidate we pursue. Honest, unbiased feedback on the candidates to our client is our cornerstone, even if it is negative. Our goal is the client’s goal – find the right person for the job – period. No sales pitch regarding any candidate at any time, just unbiased, factual information regarding each candidate.


Respect the time and confidentiality of every candidate and each client. We are professional at all times when contacting candidates, since 98 percent of our candidates are gainfully employed at the time.


We are committed. We do not represent clients that directly compete nor do we ever contact any employee of our clients. We delve into our client’s company culture and become ingrained in it. Our representatives are a direct reflection of our clients, and we view ourselves as someone the client would hire as an internal employee.


We embrace everyone’s individual differences. We believe in the diversity of cultures, perspectives, attitudes, and ideas. Since we believe in this as one of our core values, we are able to attract and recruit a diverse base of candidates and clients and treat everyone equally…regardless.


Humble. Friendly. Professional. Courteous. Polite in person or on the phone with clients and candidates. Treat client and candidates the same way we would like to be treated.


One of the most important values. We work under strict confidence with the client and all candidates. We never provide any information about the client until it is time and we never provide candidate information until we receive full permission from that candidate.




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