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What is the company philosophy?
We have a select client list, and those clients rely on our expertise to be responsible for their searches. We never have and never will have direct competing clients, and we never under any circumstances recruit from our clients. We treat our clients and their candidates with complete confidentiality, and we do not partner with other search firms.

What makes J.R. Adams unique from other search firms?
Service - we are a trusted partner of the client. Our clients are not one of many in any industry or segment that are contacted by several associates that come and go and never have a real grasp on the company culture.

Where do you get your candidates?
These passive candidates are uncovered through cold calling, continuous networking, and constant research. Most candidates are gainfully employed and are not in the job market. We have maintained a vast database of candidates throughout our company's history and continue to update it every day.

What do you mean by partnering with a company?
Our clients must be able to look at us and say, “I would want that JRAA employee to work within our organization."  We treat our contractual relationship as if we were employed by the client.  This dynamic allows us to keep the company’s best interest in mind as we present strategic recruiting solutions to our clients.

What is your definition of Recruiting?
Being able to ethically influence the right person to the right place while being an ambassador for our clients.










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